PNWSTMA Sports Turf Manager Certificate Program

The PNWSTMA certification program has recently undergone some changes due to program changes at Walla Walla Community College.

We have designed the curriculum to fit within the Sports Turf Managers Association guidelines. The current guidelines give credit for classes taken; degrees earned and job site experience. The PNWSTMA program, as listed below, fits within those guidelines and will count as part of the requirements for STMA certification.

The courses proposed for the program will originate from Walla Walla Community College as part of their Turf Management AAAS degree option and are all transferable as part of a B.S. Turf Management degree at Washington State University and a B.S. Turf Management degree at Oregon State University. WWCC is in the process of creating an accredited “Sports Turf Manager Certificate” option that would be awarded to anyone completing the PNWSTMA courses.

All of the classes that are required for the PNWSTMA certification program are available via online learning from WWCC. Included in the program is a cooperative work experience component to provide an on-the-job component to the program. Students have the option to take classes at whatever pace is best suited to their individual situations.

Listed below are the course requirements for the program and the courses required for the proposed WWCC certificate:


Class Credits
Quarters offered
TURF 201 Turf Cultural Practices  6 Fall and Spring
AGPR 140 Agricultural Safety & Pesticides  5 Fall and Spring
WMT 112 Irrigation Principles  5 Fall
WRITE 100 Writing in the Workplace  3 Fall
TURF 211 Turf Management  5 Winter
TURF 215 Turf Diseases and Insects  3 Winter
WMT 110 Lawn & Turf Irrigation  3 Winter
AGPR 113 Plant Anatomy & Morphology  5 Winter
TURF 191 Cooperative Work Experience I  10 Summer
TURF 192 Cooperative Work Seminar  2 Summer
OCSUP 106 Applied Mathematics I  5 Winter


Writing in the Workplace (WRITE 100) and Applied Mathematics I (OCSUP 106) are related instruction and required for the certificate. These classes may be taken at other state two-year colleges.

Inquiries about the program or about specific course and fees can be directed to:
Bill Griffith
Agriculture Center of Excellence
Walla Walla Community College